Maintenace or On-Demand we're here for you

We can schedule your cleaning at a time that is convenient for you. Choose from weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or "will call as needed" cleanings. Some of our customers opt for a few cleanings a year and enjoy a "sprucing up" as the seasons change. We also consider the time of day. Are you planning a function, hosting investors or a conference? It's not a problem for us with a couple of days notice.

Our Commercial Cleaning Customers Are Serious About Quality And So Are We

LTC is fully insured and bonded which means a worry-free cleaning experience for you. Whether you choose LTC or another company, may we suggest that you always ask to see a copy of both a Liability and Worker's Compensation policy from whomever you contract to perform work in your office?

Professional Equipment & Supplies

When you hire a cleaning company or individual we believe you deserve better products and equipment than those purchased at the local supermarket or mall store. Experience tells us vacuums that don't break down and have the power to extract deep down dirt do not come cheap. This is why LTC uses only high end, professional level vacuums and products from companies such as Clorox, 3M, Electrolux & Kirby among others. An inherent commitment to doing the job right is what LTC has built its reputation upon.

Footnote: Clorox, 3M, Electrolux & Kirby do not endorse LTC Cleaning Company or any of its services in any way and are trademarks of their respective companies and/or holding groups.

Custom Programs To Cut Your Costs

Years ago, we noticed a trend developing with our commercial customers. We call it the 90/10 factor, meaning about 90% of the cleaning we do is the same in every office.

The remaining 10% allows for special projects you may request that are unique to your office setting. Please let us know during your Free Estimate and we will customize your job description to fit your needs.

Insured & Bonded

2 million dollars in total insurance coverage including 1 million dollars in liability insurance helps put our customer's minds at ease and we think it will yours too. Our certificates are available to potential customers after official quote(s) have been generated.

Insurance fraud is a felony criminal offense under Massachusetts Law and LTC Cleaning Company cooperates in the prosecution of any attempts at insurance fraud aimed at our company. We abide by 338 Mass Acts 1990 Section 99 of 398 Mass Acts of 1991 and Section 13 of 427 Mass Acts 1996 by reporting suspected cases of insurance fraud to the IFB (Insurance Fraud Bureau). Insurance fraud is punishable by up to 15 years imprisonment and/or up to a $15,000 fine.

Exceptional Value

We know you have several options to choose from when selecting a cleaning company. You may be looking into a national chain, a one person start-up, or something in between. We are well aware that pricing may be the deciding factor. With that thought in mind, we have kept our rates competitive and comparable to the other services in our area.

Experience & Reliable

After nearly 30 years in business, we are fully aware of the high standards our customers expect. With that thought in mind, we are committed to providing you with the best cleaning service available, every time we enter your office.

Optional Green Cleaing

We offer an alternative line of environmentally safe cleaning products that are both effective and planet-friendly! Content specifications are available at your request.

Communication Is Key

Conveying your needs or special instructions is never a problem for our specially trained supervisors before or during your cleaning. In fact we welcome and encourage your input in all aspects of our business relationship. Our policy is to return all phone calls within 1 business day. However, our office is staffed throughout the day and in most cases you can reach someone immediately. We can also be reached by email.

We Are Responsive

We guarantee your satisfaction to the extent, that if you are unhappy with any aspect of your cleaning, we will send our crew back to your office within 48 hours.

Now you have an idea of just how confident we are that the LTC residential team is the best company you could employ for your office cleaning needs. But don't just take our word for it: our list of references is long and we'll happily supply you with the names of as many customers as you like to contact yourself.

Office Cleaning Massachusetts by LTC